How can we help you?

We have a wide range of services to offer you so that you are covered both personally and business.

Accounting and Tax advice


As accountants, our job is analyze and measure your business and facilitate the control of your accounts. With that information you will have your cost under control.

  • Management of daily accounting
  • Preparation of quarterly and yearly balance sheets and profit and loss statements
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts to present in the Mercantile Registrar
  • VAT records
  • Updating accounts in arrears
  • Cash-flow projections
  • Analytical accounting
  • Financial statements analysis
  • Management support with banks
  • Feasibility plans for new investments
  • Auditing of accounts or revise your internal control procedures to improve their efficiency
  • Reports and specific studies about any business-related matter
  • Expert opinions and reports to defend your interests in Court

Tax Advice

As tax consultants we guarantee that your fiscal obligations are in time. Furthermore, we will look the best savings, always under the current law.

  • Preparation of tax declarations for companies and professionals
  • Income tax declarations for residents and non residents
  • We can prepare and present your tax statements or revise them if you prefer
  • We can also represent you or your company in tax inspections
  • Planning tax declarations to maximize your firm’s efficiency
  • Company incorporation and registration with the Income Tax Department
  • Companies liquidation

Financial advice

Financial services

We help to you in adapt your financial needs to take the best decisions and best investments

  • We can help you renegotiate your debt with banks
  • Renovation of your credit position, using our experience to deliver a professional presentation of your numbers
  • Presenting viability plans if needed.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Wealth advisory services.
  • Tax simulations.
  • Study and definition of the investor profile.
  • Ongoing monitoring and recommendations.
  • Study and recommendations for new products and investment alternatives.

Labour management

Labour advice

We manage all the bureaucracy around labour area, in relation with contracts, salaries and social security.

  • Payroll processing.
  • Income tax employee statements.
  • Employees allowances and benefits.
  • Maternity leave allowances for group company administrators.
  • Worker labour cost simulations (from gross yearly income)
  • Registry, employment Contracts, extensions, employer ending statements
  • Outstanding Tax Liabilities and Social Security statements.
  • Automated Payroll book-keeping.
  • Automated extra-payment provision book-keeping.
  • Contract amendments, extensions, terminations, etc.
  • Contract suspensions, temporary disability, paid leaves, etc.
  • Employment subsidies and Social Security contribution benefits.
  • Application of collective agreements.
  • Employment Inspections


Trusted insurers

With a strong commitment to service excellence and a wide range of coverage options, we strive to be your trusted partner in protecting what you value most.
  • Vehicles
  • Home and communities
  • Life / Savings
  • Death (burial services)
  • Business/Offices
  • Transport and merchandise
  • Employees